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Transport4 is the world’s leading pipeline logistics information portal. The T4 application allows shippers, terminals and pipelines to maintain petroleum product distribution plans with 24/7 access to tickets, schedules, nominations and inventory information.

T4 also offers an array of B2B enabled services which allowing shippers to fully automate product movements within their own ERP systems. The T4 application has provided tremendous efficiencies to the entire pipeline community and continues to receive high marks for customer service.

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Carrier Benefits and Services

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Carrier - Shipper Communications

Our robust platform is a single point of access for Carriers and Shippers to manage pipeline movements TOGETHER. T4’s features drastically reduces miscommunications, enables efficient information exchange, and creates flexibility to manage the movement of petroleum products.

Transport4 Core Features

A web based order and order tracking interface for communicating movement transactions between the carrier and their customers. Functionality includes entry, changes, confirmations and inquiries. This completely automates the nomination process and eliminates manual communications such as unformatted e-mail, faxes, and telephone orders-and the subsequent manual entry of this information into carrier and shipper systems. “B2B Enabled
24/7 access to pipeline schedules with customized reports that will automatically distribute the most recently updated schedule information. Shippers, supplies, terminals, and consignees can view schedules across carriers, locations, lines and products. Customers will always have access to the most up to date pipeline schedules-morning, noon or night. “B2B Enabled
Tickets are the carrier's method of tracking all custody transfers. Each carrier can create multiple ticket types and use its own set of business rules to dictate the content of transfer information to their customers. Transport4 provides customers with both a "short form" summary of critical ticket information or a "long form" containing the entire ticket. Tickets can be pushed via email, viewed in the application, and/or downloaded. “B2B Enabled
Tailored to a carrier’s specific needs, customers can access inventory information by location, system, in transit, product, and/or tank. With updates available from real-time to once a month and every increment in between. Customers will have 24/7 access to their inventory along with a wide array of reporting options. “B2B Enabled
Billing is the single-point source for customers to access carriers' invoices. The service allows customers to view, email, print, and create customized reports of carrier generated invoices. “B2B Enabled
Tailored to each carriers’ allocation rules and guidelines, Transport4 provides a carrier with a customizable allocation program that reduces workload from up to 100+ hours a month to down to just minutes. Transport4 can also calculate and bill for penalties assessed from shipper’s violation of the Capacity Allocation Program rules which helps keeps the pipeline full, efficient, and ratable. “B2B Enabled

All allocation, nomination (including initial, binding, and current), shipper history, final volumes, and charges are available for display to shippers, pipeline employees, or both.
The Nomination Integrity Program focuses on reducing nomination variability for a carrier by assessing penalties for late changes to an origin, destination, and/or initial nomination. Each program is tailored to the needs of the carrier and their customers to keep the system both ratable and flexible. The fee structure is intended to serve as a deterrent to nomination behaviors that disrupt the shipping community and generate inefficiencies in carrier’s pipeline operations.

Transport4 can invoice and collect penalties on the carrier’s behalf creating a truly hands off behavioral modification program while also granting the carrier fill discretion on waiving and applying charges.
A Product Transfer Order (PTO) is the transfer of product from one shipper's account to another's while the product is in the carrier's custody. PTO entry, party confirmation, reporting and the inclusion of a "distribution lineup" (which grants Third Party access) is all included in the service. Confidentiality is maintained by allowing the customer to access only the information they have entered or been granted access to by a third party.

Transport4 can invoice, collect payments and ticket the PTO on the carriers’ behalf creating a truly hands off revenue stream for the carrier and granting the shipper the flexibility to manage or sell an in-transit barrel.
The Marketplace allows carriers to auction product, line space, tank space, transmix & much more to their registered users. Both English (standard) and reverse Dutch auction types are allowed. Anonymity is maintained during the process and winning bids are only viewable by the carrier.
Alerts are notices that streamlines the necessary approvals, rejections and acknowledgements between multiple parties involved in a movement.

Bulletins provides carriers with a quick and reliable communications channel to reach all their customers at the same time. Typical bulletins include movement calendars, upcoming maintenance activity, allocations, product specification changes, and more. “B2B Enabled

Customer Support and Training

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Transport4 provides around the clock customer support, database support and application training along with a comprehensive online knowledge base of articles, videos, and community resources.

A subscription to Transport4 allows carriers to become part of an industry-setting standard without the concerns of hardware and software obsolescence.

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