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In addition to the general access granted to all shippers, we offer an array of automation services which provides shippers with the ability to fully manage product movements and inventory through integration with their own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This pipeline automation has proven to make a company more efficient with a combined significant cost savings. If you would like to automate your data needs, please contact us today.

Business to Business XML

Used by the vast majority of the top 30 shipping customers.
B2B XML is Transport4’s automated Business-to-Business (B2B) transaction communications service. This service provides real time transfer of pipeline transactions between your company’s ERP systems and Transport4 affiliated carriers. Standard service will post and accept documents with a company’s designated server. Enhanced security services such as SSL and VPN are available.

The B2B services eliminate manual entry of ticket data and greatly reduce costly transcription errors. Additional savings are realized through the elimination of EDI and the ability to improve transaction event matching. Shippers will have the capability to invoice customers faster due to the earlier delivery of ticket data.

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B2B XML service is subject to a monthly minimum equal to 500 tickets.

Customer's ERP/ETRM Systems Include:

  • Allegro
  • OpenLink
  • RightAngle
  • SAP
  • Triple Point
  • Array of Legacy & Custom built internal systems
  • And more!

Business to Business Spreadsheets

B2B spreadsheets is an automated service that compiles customer specified transaction data into a comma delimited text file and transfers the file to customers at the end of a period (daily or monthly). B2B files are available for both daily and monthly time periods. These reports are particularly useful for reconciling accounting records with pipeline ticket data.


Fax Service

The Fax Service allows the faxing of Transport4 data output to a fax number designated under the contact information tab. Fax push options can be set up for Schedules, Tickets, Third Party Tickets, Bulletins, Alerts and Inventory. Queried Ticket information can also be faxed.


Third Party Tickets

Third Party Tickets (TPT) provide a platform for monitoring and forwarding information to parties who are involved in a transaction but are not designated as the final parties on a batch. Users can grant access to their tickets or request access to another’s tickets. TPT grants are fully integrated into Nominations, Schedules, and Tickets. When a grant is made, a third party can view the associated nomination and schedule along with the ticket. Transport4’s security architecture ensures that only a grantor is aware of the third party ticket.


Media Bulletins

Media Bulletins provides carriers with a quick and reliable communications channel to their customers. Carriers post bulletins to inform their customers about upcoming maintenance activity, allocations, product specification changes, etc. Transport4 advises the user of any unread bulletins when posted by the carrier. Customers can configure their accounts to have new bulletins pushed to them via email.

B2B Bulletins Structured (XML) Bulletins – enables carriers to generate data structured logistics bulletins and enables shippers to import them into their ERP systems automatically through T4’s B2B communication services


Business to Business Bulletins

Current bulletins available are Colonial's "Date Info", "Origin Starts", "Greensboro Starts", "Fungible Deliveries", and "Transit Times".


Terminal Operator Bulletins

Terminals can subscribe to a bulletin service which allows them to publish bulletins to all users that have a recent (~ past 11 months) movement at the terminal location. The terminal is able to communicate all relevant issues such as maintenance, surplus product, operational issues, tank space, etc.


Historical Tickets (> 11 months old)

Transport4 maintains an unofficial record of tickets for up to 6 years. These tickets can be useful in proving product movements to tax authorities, conducting or responding to audits, and performing various types of operational analyses. These tickets are not available via and must be extracted from historical databases by Transport4. The output can be in a comma-delimited file (.csv) or in the long-form format (one ticket per page).

Comma-delimited file - $200 to cover the initial search and the first 100 tickets. After the first 100 tickets, additional tickets are $0.70 each.

Long-form format - $250 to cover the initial search and the first 100 tickets. After the first 100 tickets, additional tickets are $1.00 each.


Pricing & Information

The following Premium Shipper Services are available to a carrier's customers for a nominal charge, payable to Transport4 (fee schedules are subject to change by Transport4). Latest prices effective January 1st, 2021.

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